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Your Guide to Efficiently Allocating Your Wedding Budget

Welcome, lovely brides-to-be, to Tangled Roots Floral Co.'s blog! We understand that planning a wedding can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially when it comes to budgeting for your dream celebration. Today, we're here to assist you in breaking down your budget per event vendor, ensuring every precious dollar is optimally allocated. So, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, take a deep breath, and let us guide you through this journey!

Once your budget for the entire event is decided, the next step is to make a priority list including each category so that you can break down the budget into percentages. Below are the average percentages per category!

  1. Venue & Catering - It's common for the venue and catering to make up the largest portion of your budget, typically 40% to 50%. This category encompasses the cost of the ceremony and reception location, as well as the food and beverage provided by the catering team. Keep in mind that popular locations or in-demand dates may require a higher budget allocation.

  2. Floral Design - Setting aside approximately 10% of your budget allows for stunning bouquets, centerpieces, ceremony arches, and other floral elements that bring your vision to life. Remember to discuss your preferences with your chosen floral designer and explore various options that align with your budget.

  3. Photography & Videography - Capturing timeless moments is a crucial part of any wedding. Allocating 10% to 15% of your budget to photography and videography ensures high-quality documentation of your special day. This category covers the fees of professional photographers and videographers, including engagement sessions, full wedding coverage, editing, and the final products, such as albums or digital copies.

  4. Entertainment - From live bands to DJs, entertainment is a critical aspect of any wedding celebration. Allocate between 5% to 10% of your budget for music and entertainment, ensuring your guests have a memorable experience. Consider the specific genre or style of music you desire, and research local artists and performers who align with your preferences.

  5. Attire & Beauty Services - Looking and feeling your best on your wedding day is a top priority. Allocate 5% to 10% of your budget to cover expenses related to bridal attire, groom's attire, and beauty services. This includes wedding dress or suit purchases, alterations, accessories, hair and makeup trials, and on-the-day services.

Remember, these percentages are averages and can be adjusted based on your personal priorities and preferences. It's essential to establish a realistic budget that suits your unique South Carolina wedding vision while allowing room for unexpected expenses.

When budgeting for your South Carolina wedding, knowing the average percentages allocated per vendor category can provide a helpful starting point. By designating an appropriate portion of your budget to each vendor, you can achieve a well-balanced and unforgettable celebration. Keep in mind that these percentages are flexible, allowing you to make informed decisions that align with your priorities and desires. With careful planning and smart budget allocation, your dream wedding in South Carolina will become a reality. Happy planning!

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