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Finding the Perfect Florist for your Wedding

In the kaleidoscope of wedding planning, selecting the perfect florist is like finding the missing piece to your floral puzzle—a task both exhilarating and essential. Beyond mere floral arrangements, your chosen florist will be the curator of your wedding day vision, translating your dreams into breathtaking blooms that dance with personality and style. So, how do you find the floral soulmate who not only understands your aesthetic but also resonates with your unique personality?


First and foremost, seek a florist whose style resonates with your own. Whether you're drawn to romantic garden vibes, modern minimalist chic, or whimsical boho flair, your florist should be well-versed in bringing your vision to life. Look for portfolios that speak to your aesthetic preferences. Your florist should not only understand your aesthetic but also elevate it, infusing their expertise and creativity into every petal and stem.


Beyond floral prowess, the perfect wedding florist is a kindred spirit — a collaborator who listens, understands, and shares your excitement for the journey ahead. Seek out a florist whose personality resonates with your own — whether it's a shared love for whimsy and wonder or a mutual appreciation for meticulous attention to detail. Chemistry is key in this floral courtship, so don't be afraid to trust your instincts and choose a florist who not only inspires confidence but also makes you feel understood and valued.

In the end, choosing the perfect wedding florist is about more than just selecting someone to arrange flowers — it's about finding a creative partner who shares your vision, values, and has a passion for storytelling through blooms. So, embark on this floral adventure with an open heart, and a discerning eye, and trust that the perfect florist is out there, ready to bring your wedding day dreams to full, fragrant bloom.

Interested in Tangled Roots as your floral designer? Fill out the inquiry form, here on our site & we will get in touch with you about our availability. We would LOVE to  be on your dream team for your big day!! 

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