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Discover your personal floral style

First things first, let’s determine your floral vibe! Are you dreaming of a romantic garden affair, a modern and sleek soiree, or maybe even a boho chic celebration? Close your eyes and picture your dream wedding. What flowers do you see? What colors are dancing in your imagination? Whether you’re into classic roses, whimsical wildflowers, or exotic orchids, your floral style (and florist) should reflect your personality and vision for the day.  

And if you're feeling a bit unsure about your personal wedding floral style, or totally overwhelmed by all the options, fear not! Dive into the wonderful world of online quizzes designed to help you uncover the floral aesthetic that speaks to your heart. These quizzes can help guide you towards the florals of your dreams. A quick google search will come up with hundreds of options of wonderful quizzes to help you land on a style. 

Another option would be to spend some time looking over local florists portfolios and see who you gravitate towards! 

pro tip: While Pinterest & wedding magazines serve as valuable resources for inspiration and envisioning your dream wedding, it’s important to approach them with a discerning eye & maintain a sense of realism regarding what can be feasibly achieved.  

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